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Healing Neem Oil

Healing Neem Oil

Irritation & Problem Skin

4 oz

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A cure-all for chronic skin conditions, irritation, and blemishes featuring pure neem, basil, avocado, and essential oils of sandalwood and lavender. An Ayurvedic super-herb, neem oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. This skin-healing formula also contains fatty acids, which promote wound recovery and maintain the skin’s health.

Healing Neem Oil offers an ideal solution for a wide variety of skin conditions, including rashes, acne on the face and body, hives, cuts and abrasions, shaving and waxing irritation, cold sores, blisters, flaky and sensitive scalp, bug bites, athlete’s foot, and warts. Neem’s protective qualities also offer natural sun defense when layered beneath sunscreen and can be used as an insect repellent on the body, on pets, as well as plants. 

A PRATIMA Skincare best-seller.

PRATIMA Herbal Body Oils are essential skincare for the wellness and radiance of the body’s external tissue. With a molecular density is similar to the skin, these pure, herbal body oil blends penetrate through all 7 layers of the skin to provide vital nutrients that nourish, hydrate, and improve skin function. The nurturing, devotional act of applying oils to the body is a cherished, time-honored ritual in Ayurveda. It is no coincidence that sneha, the Sanskrit word for love, comes from snehana, the Ayurvedic ritual of oleation.


Neem*, Avocado*, Brahmi*, Basil*, Sandalwood*, Sunflower*, Rose*, Lavender*. ----- *certified organic

Care & Shelf Life

To preserve the purity of these ingredients, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Close tightly after each use. Since there are no artificial preservatives, please use within 4-5 months.

How To Use

Massage a few drops on moist skin on affected areas as needed.

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100% Active Ingredients

Each ingredient in every formula serves a critical purpose in the healing process. And with fewer ingredients, you’re getting a higher concentration of pure and vital nutrients to genuinely feed your skin, provide optimal skin immunity, rebalance troubled complexions and address the signs of aging where they begin.

Our skincare is 100% free of any and all synthetic chemicals, including synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMOs, artificial scents, colors and dyes. We are proudly cruelty-free and sattvic: non harming to any living being.